Binding error when removing form element


I’m seeing the following error in the console, seemingly when I navigate in my app and remove form elements from the dom:

tasks.js:210 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Symbol(zone-eventhandler)' of undefined
    at HTMLInputElement.eval (tasks.js:210)
    at HTMLInputElement.wrappedFn [as removeEventListener] (register.js:104)
    at HTMLInputElement.removeEventListener (events.js:32)
    at (make-mutation-event.js:91)
    at (attributes.js:81)
    at (make-mutation-event.js:91)
    at HTMLInputElement.domEvents.removeEventListener (attr.js:658)
    at HTMLInputElement.removeEventListener (add-event-compat.js:79)
    at HTMLInputElement.removeEventListener (add-event-compat.js:79)
    at (can-event.js:232)

(anonymous) @ tasks.js:210
wrappedFn @ register.js:104
removeEventListener @ events.js:32
events.removeEventListener @ make-mutation-event.js:91
events.removeEventListener @ attributes.js:81
events.removeEventListener @ make-mutation-event.js:91
domEvents.removeEventListener @ attr.js:658
removeEventListener @ add-event-compat.js:79
removeEventListener @ add-event-compat.js:79
off @ can-event.js:232
observation.(anonymous function) @ can-stache-bindings.js:876
(anonymous) @ observe.js:23
unbindUpdate @ can-stache-bindings.js:1428
onTeardown @ can-stache-bindings.js:1308
(anonymous) @ can-stache-bindings.js:340
one @ can-event.js:271
dispatch @ events.js:71
module.exports @ dispatch.js:21
handler @ make-mutation-event.js:50
(anonymous) @ document.js:28
dispatchIfListening @ document.js:27
(anonymous) @ document.js:110
each @ each.js:22
(anonymous) @ document.js:103
mutationData.handler @ document.js:102
(anonymous) @ document.js:44
(anonymous) @ document.js:43 @ zone.js:41
Zone.runTask @ zone.js:183
(anonymous) @ zone.js:260
childList (async)
insertBefore @ mutate.js:144
after @ can-view-nodelist.js:428
replace @ can-view-nodelist.js:458
makeAndPut @ html.js:82
(anonymous) @ html.js:55
(anonymous) @ can-observation.js:698
callHandlers @ can-observation.js:697
update @ can-observation.js:234
Observation.updateAndNotify @ can-observation.js:409
dispatchSync @ can-event.js:184
flush @ batch.js:331
stop @ batch.js:284
canRoute.setState @ can-route.js:342

Has anyone come across this? Am I not properly cleaning something up?


Hey @Jared_Stehler, sorry for not responding sooner.

I haven’t seen this before; any chance you could show some of the code/template that makes this happen? Also, is this with the latest can-zone?