CanJS / DoneJS popularity and community


Hi All,

I would like to ask not very technical question here.
I don’t expect any particular answer, but interesting in others vision and maybe there is plans to change this somehow. I know that I’m making some opinionated assumption here, but still this is how it feels for me.

So my question is …

“Why CanJS is so unpopular ?”

I’ll try to explain what I mean by this:

CanJS / DoneJS (former JavascriptMVC) is around 10 years on the market, still its community way smaller than in Angular / React / Ember / Vue.

I never saw any mention of it in some statistics or guides like (you can find there Aurelia or Riot, but not CanJS):

Its rare case when some company looking for developer with experience of CanJS (I personally didn’t saw any, but I assume that there is some)

It’s a bit frustrating sometimes, because it provides possibilities relative to other frameworks, still its popularity very small.


I think I’m not good at building community. Positioning CanJS towards longevity only made the problem worse.

Vue is sort of an exception, but many of the other tools come from large companies. That helps marketing.

We have been focused on making CanJS more appealing to new users lately. But I think we fundamentally need help spreading the word about the framework. A blog/tweet/presentation written by someone not at Bitovi means 5x more than one written by us. But, I’m not sure how best to promote this.

What are your thoughts?


I have simple Ideas articles/tutorials for beginners I will do my best to write and publish them.
In my github there’s at least 2 plugins which can be published to npm


@justinbmeyer TBH for me even the website is not that good I think it should target the public not only tehcnical JS gurus!


I’d be happy to explore other homepage proposals.