DoneJS Contributors Meeting - 2016 - 10 -21




  • StealJS, DoneJS 1.0 plans
  • Generator Epic

Epic Status:


Last Week:

  • DoneJS 1.0 epic planning
    Next Week:
  • Evangelism
  • UX CanJS


(All CanJS site stuff)
Last Week

  • logo and version dropdowns
  • npm and github star badges to article titles
  • fix document.title on navigation
  • nav header toggle on scroll
  • new introduction articles

Next Week

  • add source link to article
  • fix guides image paths
  • work on search


Last week:

  • fixed failing and flaky for IE10
  • can-jquery now won’t throw an error without jquery (for instance in the can.all.js build)
  • added more tests to canjs test suite (only can-jquery, can-vdom, can-zone missing)
  • duplicate route warning updated

Next week:

  • DoneJS generator updates for Can 3.0


Last Week:

  • Finished can-stream implementation
  • Documented can-stream
  • Started to work on can-define-stream

Next week:

  • Finish can-define-stream implementation
  • Document can-define-stream


Last Week

  • can-vdom documentation.
  • Steal: bug with child package transpiler config overriding the root package’s #867
  • Moved Steal’s package.json configuration to the steal property #184
  • Make sure root package’s config takes priority #186
  • Added tests for browser field variant #188
  • Added support for Steal to run within a Service Worker #879

Next Week

  • Finish going through Steal’s bugs marked in the 1.0 epic.
  • Go through steal-tools 1.0 bugs.
  • Move towards documentation.


Last Week

  • Pushed code for getObject method in string module of can-util

Next Week

  • Walk through the code and check if documentation can be improved


Last Week

  • wrote copy and code examples for comparing CanJS to Angular and React
  • made a CanJS vs Angular comparison of page weight experiment
  • made little demos to assure code examples worked, which found some bugs
    Next Week
  • revisions and edits on website copy
  • compare Angulars performance vs CanJS


Last week:

  • CanJS submodule final 3.x releases
  • Maintenance and release guide
  • CanJS 3.0 IE 9 and 10 test fixes

Next week:

  • CanJS 3.0 release (!?)


Last week

  • Finished and pushed draft of Mission/Goals page
  • Worked with Adam on Framework Comparison page (draft almost ready to push)
  • Started technical highlight page

Next week

  • Finish technical highlights page
  • Polish the high level guides pages


Last week:

  • Implemented test cases for can-fixture-socket:
    • FeathersJS protocol;
    • FeathersJS client app example.


  • Document can-fixture-socket;
  • Refine the API.


Last Week

  • Worked on documentation and main site
  • Verified fix for donejs generator validation project name to proper npm package name
  • Made a fix for giving an absolute or external path during donejs generator
  • Started working on donejs-electron support

This Week

  • DoneJS Electron support