DoneJS Contributors Meeting - 2016 - 11 - 11


Please add topics for discussion and your status.

Live Stream

In Progress Epic Status:



  • can-set difficulties
  • CanJS 3.0 is out

Last Week

  • Worked on website content

Next week

  • Write up release article


Last Week

  • Fixing issues with StealJS bit-docs theme (mostly about heading anchors)
  • Working on bit-docs-html-toc (support generation of nested lists and ordered lists based on the outline tag settings, writing tests and getting it working on StealJS bit-docs theme)
  • Started Working on steal-conditional builds

Next Week

  • Get steal-conditional builds working correctly
  • Work on steal-conditional internationalization example code
  • Maybe start working on steal-conditional guides


Last week:

  • Worked on porting Bitballs
  • Ported can-map-backup to can-define-backup
  • Updated test cases for Bitballs
  • Updated documentation for bitballs

Next week:

  • Finalize Bitballs documenation and merge the repository
  • Publish can-define-backup to npm


Last Week:

  • FuncUnit release with updated release strategy and new contributor guide
  • Run through and cleanup the v3 guides (Chat, TodoMVC, ATM)
  • Fix bug where guide code blocks are sometimes not rendered
  • Start on CanJs client-side search

Next Week

  • Finish search


Last week:

  • to postpone connection (for tests to work with socket fixtures)
  • steal to wait for mainSource to load (for demo pages to work with socket fixtures)

Next week:

  • Bitcentive app


Last Week

  • CanJS website content

This Week

  • Bitcentive MVP app (get minimal functionality working)


Last Week

  • Finished up the dest issue which brings a fully configured steal.production.js, you only have to add a script tag!
  • Lots of documentation work, including adding line highlighting to Steal guides.

Next Week

  • Refactoring steal-css for better reuse for done-css.
  • Migration Guide to Steal 1.0
  • Maybe a release article and maybe a release